*** Latest from Angela ***
Well here goes! I’ve made a really difficult decision. I’ve decided to give up my yoga studio! This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made but most of you know I’ve been struggling for a wee while. It may not be forever and I do intend at some point to pick up my yoga again and offer classes maybe once or twice a week from the Barony: I have to admit Mr Parkie has caught up with me for now - but not forever! Eleanor has kindly offered for you to join her Zoom group. Can you tell everyone options @Eleanor Pratt.

So I’m going to take couple of months to rest up and wear normal clothes for a while and then get back to supporting folks in a less physically taxing way for my health. I’d really like to thank all my very special yogis for their support love and friendship. 🙏 Namaste!